02 July 2015

Looking fab while working out

I work out almost every day. And because I work out in public (running outside, public pool, bike trail, you get the idea) it is super important that I look at least decent.

Some of my favorite sources are Athleta and Lululemon. I look for really durable fabrics that will hold up over time and can run through the wash. I've been through more stretch pants that I can count (let me tell you--when they lose their stretch they have a hard time staying up!), and I've stretched out more athletic tops than I am willing to admit.

Thought I would share with you some of my favorite workout clothes right now from Athleta and Lululemon:

Happy shopping!

01 July 2015

Summer is for wedges

Have you ever noticed that in general there is an abundance of the following two items in the summer?
  • Wedge salad
  • Wedge heel
Wedge salads are perfect in the summer. They're certainly not non-fat, with all of that ranch or blue cheese dressing! But they are refreshing and delicious. If you're headed to the golf course, a wedge salad tends to be one of the top-selling items on clubhouse menus. And appeals to ladies and gents alike.


But this post isn't really about wedge salads--it's more about wedge heels. I LOVE WEDGE HEELS. I wish I could wear them all year, but I'm a big believer that wedge heels should be primarily used when you are showing some ankle. That is to say that they're quite "heavy" visually, and when worn with a pair of long trousers make me feel like I've got hooves for feet.


In the summer, though, watch out, because I can be found almost exclusively in wedges. I love how sturdy they are, and how much room there is to play with design and color and pattern when you're wearing a wedge.


Here are a few of my favorites today, both high-end and low-end:

Happy shopping!

30 June 2015

The "clutch" clutch: High end and low end

See what I did there? Is anyone saying "clutch" anymore these days to mean cool? Perhaps not. Moving on.


The clutch is great for a night out, yes, but it's also fantastic for daytime in the summer when you don't want to carry around a humungous bag.


So I thought I would spotlight a few of my favorite clutches, both high end and low end. First, the high end:

Now, for the more affordable clutches:

Happy shopping!

29 June 2015

Area rugs ... and a few quick tips on sizing

Have you ever been on the hunt for the perfect area rug and just have no idea what size to get? It just seems like today there are so many more choices than there used to be. I know I sound like an old lady, and I want to emphasize that I am certainly not complaining, but these days I feel like we need a little more guidance about how to buy rugs. Especially since wood floors are all the rage right now.


So here are a few rules that I follow:
  • If furniture is along the walls: pick a rug that will just sit under the front legs of your sofa and chairs
  • If furniture "floats" in the center of the room: pick a rug that will sit under all four legs of your furniture
  • For the dining room: Make sure the rug extends at least two feet beyond the back legs of the chairs when they're tucked in to the table so that the legs don't "catch" on the edges of the rug
  • If you're using a rug, try to get almost all of the furniture on it to "anchor" the room.
Any other rules you have?

Thought I would highlight a few of my favorite rugs at all price points:

Happy [rug] shopping!

26 June 2015

Friday finds: Fabulous Free People Frocks

I think I've mentioned how much I love Free People for the summer. The clothes are exactly like the name of the store--footloose and fancy free. They're perfect for a bohemian bonfire or a cool concert or any other number of venues and events that you have during the summer. I'm in total love.

Free people dress

So anyway I thought I would spotlight a few of my favorite Free People frocks that are just perfect for the summer and could carry you into fall with a nice jean jacket.

What do you think?

Happy shopping!

P.S. Is anyone watching the Women's World Cup tournament right now? I'm obsessed!

25 June 2015

The Elegant Maxi

The maxi dress is a summer staple, but we often throw it on for the most casual days since they are super comfortable. But if you want to wear a maxi to a special occasion ... a garden party, a wedding, a graduation.


I adore these more elegant maxi dresses (all under $100), and any of them would be lovely at a special occasion.

Let me know what you think!

Happy shopping!

24 June 2015

Mid-Century Modern Magic

It was only a few years ago that I discovered mid-century modern style. I grew up in a house that was very traditional in style--Swedish traditional, to be specific. Our color scheme was bright white and grey with birch furniture, and my mom's decorating mantra was simple but elegant.
 Mid Century Modern 
But a few years ago I learned that you could add color without losing beautiful simplicity, and I learned about the power of beautiful lines in furniture.
Mid Century Modern
What I adore about mid-century modern is that it remains playful but is still adult. And I adore the pop of color that it adds to what could be a very boring decor style.
Mid Century Modern
Anyway, these are a few of my favorites from Dot & Bo. Let me know if there are any that you love from over there!
 Mid century modern
Happy shopping!