27 March 2015

Friday Finds under $20

Very rarely does Anthropologie put things on sale for under $20, but there are a few things on sale right now for under $20.

Do you ever walk into an Anthro store with a fairly empty wallet, only because you can't resist. You're there because you really really really just want to smell how awesome it is in the store. But when this happens I just make a beeline for the sale section and poke around there.

This post is a beeline for the sale section, but online. Hope you like the selection!

Happy shopping!

26 March 2015

Flower power from Anthropologie

Spring has sprung! It may not have felt like it on the very first day of Spring, but it sure feels like it now. I've transitioned to wearing my light jacket, the colors in my wardrobe have brightened, and I'm so so happy.


I seem to gravitate toward flowers in the Spring (to my great surprise, since I tend to gravitate toward leather jackets and black sweaters and leggings in the winter), and this Spring is no different. Anthro has some really adorable floral patterns that I'm digging this Spring. Hope you enjoy!

Happy shopping, and happy Spring!

25 March 2015

Umbrella stands for umbrella season

It's umbrella season! Never have I been more excited to have rain instead of snow, and my dripping umbrella usually just gets deposited outside my front door but this year it might be nice to choose an umbrella stand so that rain doesn't make my house just look untidy.

Here are some umbrella stands that are adorable--both high end and low end.
Happy shopping, and enjoy the spring!

24 March 2015

Coffee: starting the morning right

I always start my morning with a cup of coffee. I'm a fan of the more "manual" way of making coffee--boiling water, placing a one-cup filter over a cup, grinding some beans, and pouring the water over the beans. It's great tasting, it doesn't require keeping a coffee maker on the counter, and it's a really lovely routine to have each morning.


Do you have a coffee routine? Here are a few beautiful pots and filters and pour-overs that are sure to inspire--I'm hoping to win you over to my coffee routine!

Good morning, and happy shopping!

23 March 2015

Pendleton blankets: A love affair

It was the first day of Spring last Friday. And where I live, it snowed. It was a hard day--cold, grey, and that kind of day where I found myself back in my bed by 2:00 pm with those gloves with the fingers cut off so that I could keep typing on my computer. And while blankets are a terrible topic to discuss in Spring, I can't help it this time because my poor body needed a blanket or many blankets.


I have a shameless love affair with Pendelton blankets, and I want to have ten of them to wrap myself in so that I can be really really warm. I've been on the prowl (ebay, thrift stores...). Here are a few wool camp blankets--from Pendleton and beyond.

20 March 2015

Friday Finds: Singin' in the rain

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and then April showers bring May flowers. And the sweetest of clothes. I love the boots, the trench coats, and the umbrellas that come with
the Spring.


Bottom line is that there's a lot of rain in the Spring. I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorite boots and rain gear for Spring, from Anthropologie and beyond.
Happy shopping and enjoy singing in the rain!

19 March 2015

DIY Anthropologie Bedding Hacks

Imagine my surprise when I examined my blog analytics and found out that the majority of my traffic is from people who are looking for bedding like Anthropologie that costs less than the Anthropologie originals. While I've highlighted bedding like Anthropologie before, I thought today I would count down the best DIY Anthropologie bedding out there on the blogosphere.

1.  This knotted duvet cover made of t-shirt material, that is both structured and whimsical all at the same time:


2. This Cirrus duvet cover tutorial that looks so lovely next to a window. Can't you just imagine waking up to this sunlight wrapped in all this fabric?


3. The Georgia duvet DIY tutorial, while a little impractical shown outside, is lovely and airy.


4. This cool fringe bedding with lovely tassels. I would be terrified to wash it, but it's so fun and playful nonetheless.


5. This really inventive ruffle bedding, while not directly copying Anthropologie, would be super fun in a guest bedroom:

6. This fantastic knockoff of the Catalina bedding that a blogger made for her daughter's college dorm room:


Let me know if you've got any more DIY tips and tricks!