09 February 2016

Valentine's Ideas for HIM

I know that Valentine's Day is typically a holiday for flowers and candy and chocolate, but if you want to step up your game for the gent in your life, here are some gift ideas for him.

There's this fabulous source called Huckberry, which has a huge selection of gifts that the man in your life would love.

Plus if you use this link they'll give you $10 to make your first purchase. Win, win, win!

Enjoy Valentine's Day!

08 February 2016

BCBG sexy black on sale

Valentine's Day is coming up, and everything is red and pink and I just wanted to highlight a little black. Maybe it's just a mood.

Anyway, no store has sexier black than BCBG. What is so great about the store is the cuts of their clothes. I mean, the fabrics are quality, but the shape of the clothes really are phenomenal. I love the cutouts on the sides of these minis.

Plus they're all on sale right now.

What do you think?

Happy shopping!

05 February 2016

Friday Finds: Sale at Lululemon

I'm at a coffeeshop right now at that prime time when all of the Lululemon ladies come in before they head to their yoga. It's quite a sight--all the lycra and spandex and sweaters and wrap scarves.

Which reminded me that I haven't checked the Lululemon sale section in a few weeks. A true travesty. So I did so really quick before turning to my other work.

I wasn't disappointed! A totally new selection, not all winter and warm, lots of great colors and fabrics. So for Friday Finds today, enjoy my top picks from the Lululemon sale section:

Happy shopping!

04 February 2016

High-end hydration: Best glass water bottles

Some of you are going to think this post is silly, and for a fashion and shopping blog it is because let's face it: water bottles are not considered fashionable nor do people shop for them often. So with that disclaimer, I'm just going to go ahead and write it anyway.

I am in full agreement with the most quoted beauty experts when they say that hydration is the best beauty regimen. I drink at least eight glasses of water per day, and at my desk always have a water bottle handy to remind me to drink. Liberally. If I go out for an evening for drinks with friends, I try to drink at least two glasses of water for every one glass of alcohol to balance it out.

And I love glass bottles. Not only are they more elegant (Kate Spade even makes beautiful glass bottles), but they are far less concerning from a health perspective. They're naturally BPA free, and if you use them every day you don't have to worry about weird stuff leeching into your water.

Have I sold you on the relevance of this post yet? If I haven't, these beauties might. Click through to check them out, but above all make sure to keep hydrated!

Happy shopping!

03 February 2016

Kate Spade on Sale

Dear Husband,

If you are looking for something to get me for Valentine's Day, look no further than the Kate Spade sale section. I don't even mind that you would be getting a STEAL on a Kate Spade bag, wallet, or watch for me.

I know we don't always do gifts on Valentine's Day, but these beauties and these prices make me think we should make an exception. Don't you agree?

Here are a few ideas for you.

Happy shopping... and if you are reading this and you are not my husband, feel free to forward on to your own :).

02 February 2016

Gold Luxe and $15 off

I'm slowly, unintentionally, falling in love with gold in my decor. A little gold goes a long way, and I love how it looks luxe but effortless at the same time. I have this starburst mirror over my bed, and while it's super simple it packs a decor punch.

So today I thought I'd spotlight a few of my favorites over at One Kings Lane, because I also have $15 off for you if it's your first time shopping there. Just follow this link.

Anything here inspire you??? Happy shopping!

Happy shopping, and happy decorating!

01 February 2016

Valentine's Day Red: $20 Off Rent the Runway

Have you ever used Rent the Runway? I think it's the most brilliant invention. Whoever invented Rent the Runway has probably made an obscene amount of money, and for good reason. I love that I don't have to worry about buying the most expensive dress--I can just rent it for a night.

Here's a code I have for $20 off your first order... you're welcome!

Let's face it: when you have a really expensive dress you only wear it for a night or two anyway.

Valentine's Day, I hate to break it to you, is less than two weeks away, and now is the perfect time to reserve something on Rent the Runway while their stock is still pretty full.

Here are a few ideas if you're looking for some... I chose both sexy and romantic dresses that would work for an evening cocktail after work or dinner out at a bistro:

Happy shopping! Oh and if you need it again, here is that code for $20 off.