27 August 2015

If you've got $1348 burning a hole in your pocket...

... then please please please, I beg of you, buy this necklace and think of me when you wear it.

It's beautiful. It's from Anthropologie (naturally), and is elegant while still playful (notice the blue and green beetles--I love that touch). The clasp is a beetle as well (adorable).


From time to time I look at the Anthropologie jewelry and search for it by price--high to low. I know that's crazy. Who in their right mind searches from high to low? Well I do it just to see the most extravagant jewelry and drool a little bit.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts!

26 August 2015

Chunky heels making a comeback

I never thought I'd say it--but I think chunky heels are making a comeback. Apparently the 90s are back on our feet, at least at Anthropologie.


And as I write this I'm watching the first season of Friends, so I think this post is pretty appropriate.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from Anthro. The ones I can really see myself wearing are the wooden clogs--but maybe that's just my Swedish heritage coming out. Let me know what you think!

Happy shopping!

25 August 2015

Perfect hats for fall

It's not yet autumn, but I just purchased my first hat of the season. I love hats for fall. Where I live, fall is a bit unpredictable, which means that any hat has to be both warm and functional for keeping rain off should the weather turn inclement.


These hats are all so lovely... wanted to share them because they actually make me even excited for fall, despite my mourning for summer coming to an end.

Happy shopping!

24 August 2015

Secret storage

There's this funny dream that a lot of New Yorkers have that they find a new room or closet in their small apartment. I'm not a New Yorker but I've been having that dream myself. With a small house, there are few places for storage.


My secret? Ottomans. I have FOUR. It's getting to a point where it's a serious problem--we are about to move, and my husband has demanded that I get rid of at least one of them.


But now that I've shared my secret I thought I'd share some of my favorite ottomans over at Joss & Main right now (I have two of these and love 'em).




Happy shopping!

21 August 2015

Friday Finds: Handbags over 60% off

Where do all of the handbags go when they aren't sold at full price?

(This is not the start of a joke)

They go to a warehouse out in New Jersey and then the retailer decides to post them online while they fill their shelves with new handbags.


But the thing about handbags is that style doesn't change all that much from season to season, and even though sales don't really happen too often in stores, they have SERIOUS markdowns online.

Here are a few of my favorites I've scouted for you today, all over 60% off, in celebration that IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY!

Happy shopping!

20 August 2015

Curtains like Anthropologie

I'm on the hunt for curtains for ... well ... basically every room in my house. It's overwhelming, to be sure--so many design decisions to make at once, and since curtains are high-effort (rods to install, fasteners to buy...), I don't want to make the wrong choices! For now, to buy me some time, I have basic Ikea curtains hanging everywhere, but believe me when I say I want them to be out of there as soon as possible.


I adore Anthropologie's curtains. The patterns are spot on, and the fabrics just ring luxury. The price tag? A little too high than I'm willing to go.

So I thought I'd share my research with you guys--a round up of curtains like Anthropologie's, at a much more palatable price tag:

Happy shopping!

19 August 2015

That one time my house looked like a magazine

Remember the design magazine Domino? I used to pour over that magazine like it was the design bible. These were pre-pinterest, pre-blog days, when we would subscribe to and receive magazines in the mail. That day that Domino came was always so special.


In fact, my first living room in my new city I decided to use as a testing ground for the perfect Domino style. It ended up beautifully. It was symmetrical in lamp placement, I "floated" my couch away from the wall for the first time ever, I took a couple color risks against a backdrop of neutral, Restoration Hardware style... it was amazing.


So when Domino closed its doors (or pages), I was so sad. I mean, I understood, but was sad. With the rapidly evolving print media landscape it's difficult to know where sources like Domino fit into the mix.


And then... surprise... they opened up again as a retailer! Count me surprised, but delighted.


In honor of that one time my house looked like a magazine (and in hopes that it will again someday), I thought I would spotlight some of my favorites right now from Domino. Here's hoping you love a few and can give them some encouragement for being awesome and reinventing themselves (like Madonna but better).


Happy shopping!

P.S. Save $25 off $200 at Domino right now with the code SAVE25