21 August 2014

Sheets like Anthroplogie

I love bedding like Anthropologie's. I mean, that's no secret. I've written about it here before, but I've also written about how to get the Anthropologie look without the high price tag.

Since it's heading-to-college time for a lot of people, I thought I'd share a secret that someone shared with me a while ago: the most inexpensive way to change the look of your bedding is to change your sheets. Sheets are far less pricey than duvet covers, and if you have a plain white duvet cover you can dress it up or dress it down with some sheets. Over at Anthropologie, sheets are really not very pricey, so you can use them to change the whole look of your bed.

Here are a few of my favorites from over at Anthropologie:

And if you're looking for something a little less pricey, here are some other sheets and blankets from around the the interwebs:

Happy shopping!

20 August 2014

Blog design update

I recently updated my blog--did you notice? I was getting tired of the boring templates that Blogger offered and wanted to make things a little more... me.

The problem is that I'm not a web developer. I'm a writer, and I love images and design and decor and fashion, but I don't love the back-end work of blogging. I know, I know. I should totally learn it. And I might someday. But for now I figure that there are plenty of people that already do this, and why should I "reinvent the wheel," as they say?

So, after a lot of targeted Google searching, I landed on this blog design shop that I adored, Designer Blogs. I also looked at Tonic Site Shop, which is a little more geared toward photographers and designers, and a few others.

I decided on this one, called "Natalie."

I seriously could not be happier with the result. My blog is now light, stylish, airy, and I love going to visit it (in fact, I've messed up my analytics from today because I just keep refreshing the page). It couldn't be easier. It was literally a two-step process.

If you're a blogger, I highly recommend Designer Blogs. The result, that I'm quite pleased with, was easy, inexpensive, and beautiful.

19 August 2014

DIY tea towel curtains

Apartment Therapy recently posted a fun post about ideas for making tea towel curtains, which I absolutely adored (not to mention that the cat in the photo actually matches the curtains--how adorable is that!?).
There are a few reasons that I love this idea, but one of them is just how perfect tea towels are for letting light in but maintaining privacy. I especially like how they move too--tea towels are just light enough to move in the breeze and not look too formal and staid. They're perfect for the kitchen.

This is totally Anthropologie style--effortless and easy, but charming at the same time.

Camaraderie (image and link above) made her own curtains, actually creating and stamping the design into plain curtains. But you don't have to come up with your own design. You can rely on the beautiful designs that designers have created!

Happy crafting!

18 August 2014

ModCloth: Taking a stand for natural beauty

Have you heard of the Brave Girls Alliance? Well neither had I until recently. But they have created a pledge for advertisers to sign that commits to not altering the bodies of models. The first retailer to sign the pledge? ModCloth.

I've always adored ModCloth. I love their super unique sense of style, their patterns and colors, and the whimsy they use. I love that their customers can be the buyers and decide what clothes get re-stocked and what clothes aren't as appealing. I love how ModCloth respects its customers, and I love that when you refer ModCloth to a friend you get a little credit to spend. ModCloth is a great company.

But now I adore ModCloth even more--their commitment to not altering the appearance of their models is so admirable. From a consumer perspective, it helps me to better know how exactly all of the clothes fit. From a feminist perspective, I love that they're interested in showing real women.

So if you love ModCloth, do them a solid and shop there when you need the most lovely little frock.

Happy shopping!

15 August 2014

Friday finds

It's Friday, Friday, gettin' down on Friday (do you hate me yet for getting that song stuck in your head?)...

On Fridays, I like to do a post of my favorite finds over at Anthropologie in the sale section. I love browsing the Anthropologie sale section online because it has a wider selection that the Anthropologie sale section at the store near me, and I know exactly what is in stock. Plus, you can often get free shipping--a definite plus.

Here are a few of my favorite finds this Friday.
Happy shopping!

14 August 2014

Dear Free People

Dear Free People,

You recently listed a pile of sticks for sale on your website.

While I like sticks as much as the next person (I mean, I like collecting sticks when I'm camping or playing with my nieces and nephews by the river), you really are trying to charge almost $30 for a few sticks??? I think that's pretty unbelievable. 

This gets me to a larger point: I think sometimes you take yourself too seriously. I do love a lot of your clothes--especially your dresses and your pretty pretty shoes and your sales. But this is kindof ridiculous. 

Was there no one in the creative process who noticed just how silly this is? Like maybe the buyer, or the photographer, or that person you hired to write the description with the apology that these sticks cannot be shipped outside of the United States? I mean honestly...

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'll pass on the sticks. But that I still like you very much.

Many thanks,


13 August 2014

DIY Anthropologie Hacks

Yesterday I posted on how to make your own version of Anthropologie bedding by following instructions for Anthropologie's Rosette quilt.

While researching for that post (super fun researching DIY for Anthropologie bedding, by the way), I came across this fantastic post on "38 Anthropologie Hacks" over on Buzzfeed. And while Buzzfeed generally irritates me, this one was super fun and interesting.

I'm posting it here to remember it!

Fantastic, right?