17 September 2014

Scandal Collection at the Limited

I usually try to spotlight Anthropologie, but today I have to give a shout out to my friends at the Limited for creating a collection that makes me want to make popcorn and hold a big globe-sized glass of wine and solve all of the world's problems.

Cue the Scandal collection. It's sleek, classic, and looks like it stepped right off the runway. And it's available soon. I sincerely can't wait. Don't we all have a little Olivia Pope in us?

My only (and this is so small, not even worth mentioning) complaint is that for someone who frequently rides public transportation, the Scandal collection. is a bit light--lots of white on white or pastels. But frankly, if that's my only complaint, it's not a big deal at all.

I can't WAIT for this collection to come out. Happy shopping!

16 September 2014

Bedding sale at Anthropologie

With the summer to fall transition there are a few sale items over in the Anthropologie section. Thought I would spotlight a few of them.

(Also, don't miss my review of Anthropologie bedding over here).

I especially love the first one--it would be perfect to cuddle up in during long winter nights.

Happy shopping, and happy sleeping!

15 September 2014

Dresses like Anthropologie

I adore the fall dresses at Anthropologie, and wanted to spotlight one of my favorites:
This is the Patchworked Chevron Mini Dress. But don't be fooled by the name--it's not so mini. I love the chevron style, but that it's not the ubiquitous black and white Chevron pattern. It's the perfect dress to transition from summer to fall. Pair this with some wool tights and a blazer, and it's perfect for cooler days and nights. Pair it with a sweater and you could wear it to church. Throw on some sandals and you're set for those unseasonably warm days. It's just lovely (and I love the shoes the model paired with the dress in this photo.

It's a little pricey for me (but you should consider buying it if you can afford it!), so I've picked out a few other similar dresses from around the interwebs. 

Happy shopping!

12 September 2014

Friday finds under $20

It's FRIDAY! And on Fridays I like to take a gander and try my luck at the Anthropologie sale section. Here are some of my favorites over in the "Freshly Cut" section of the Anthropologie website. You're gonna love these.
Happy shopping!

11 September 2014

Harvest Servingware

I putter around in the pottery studio once in a while--it's my blessed relief from the constraints of life, and I have a lovely studio with the most gorgeous buttery light. I pay a little fee and they let me have a wheel. It's like I'm living a dream when I'm there.

So when I saw Gregg Moore's Field Harvest Serveware over at Anthropologie's newly released items, I could not have been more excited.

Gregg combines the earthiness and humility of the outdoors and nature with the importance of presentation and design. I love the images that are printed on each of his pieces--they're so simple but say so much.

If you're a pottery lover like me, a few pieces of Gregg's would go a long way.

10 September 2014

Follow me on Pinterest

Hi friends!

I added a new Pinterest widget to my site--what do you think?

Visit S Kelly's profile on Pinterest.

I love being over on Pinterest. I have this guilty pleasure of pinning late into the night, with the best intentions of making the recipes and attempting the DIYs that I pin. While those things quite rarely happen, I'm love just knowing that they're there, all in one place, for me to go back to and remember.

I'd love to connect with you over there so we can share our favorite products and stores... looking forward to getting to know you over there!

09 September 2014

Throw pillows like Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie style, and perhaps the least expensive way to integrate Anthropologie style into your decor is through throw pillows.

Nowhere has this been more relevant in my life than in college, so I'm going take the liberty of telling a little story.

In college, I lived in a dorm with painted white cinderblock walls. We were three in our room, and my roommates had brought their Disney Princess posters with them. No joke. So there we were, with each of us having a very very different style, and I decided to be as neutral and calm as possible over on my side of the room just to avoid the madness of all of the bright colors over on theirs.

Enter the Anthropologie throw pillow.

I had a beautiful white duvet cover with a burlap blanket draped over the base of my bed, and one perfect Anthropologie throw pillow that packed a whole lot of style.

All that to say that a little fabric and stuffing goes a long way to defining a room.

Here are some of my favorites today from Anthropologie (unfortunately they don't still sell the one I had over ten years ago, but I wouldn't expect them to).
And here are others from around the internets.
Happy shopping!