13 October 2015

Wrap it up at Anthropologie

It has quickly become "Anthropologie Week" over here at Happy Shopping, spurred on by the fact that the week started with 20% off all dresses at Anthro (sale code DRESSCODE).


It's a little chilly today where I live, and I'm reminded of how awesome Anthropologie's scarves are. And I know I already talked about my love for a particular Lululemon scarf last week, but I just had to talk about scarves again this week because you can never have too many.

I love how drapey these are, and I can totally see them under a blazer or over a T Shirt, at the office or out to dinner with friends. Paired with a coat or worn alone.

Are you digging any scarves, from Anthropologie or beyond, these days?

12 October 2015

Treat yo'self at Anthropologie

It's a holiday here in the US -- Columbus Day -- which I have been pretty up-front about not supporting. HOWEVER, I get a day off of work, and I am so not complaining about that.


In addition to some personal errands and working on some stuff for grad school, I'm also taking a little "me" time. I love these treasures at Anthropologie, designed to help you pamper yourself on a day off.

(Plus they are way less pricey than a day at the spa.)

Happy shopping, and treat yo'self!

11 October 2015

Happy Columbus Day and a Sale at Anthropologie

I'm not a big celebrator of Columbus Day--I'm one of those kinds of people that would rather get behind the "Indigenous People's Day" movement. But I'm grateful for two things. First, the long weekend (thanks for closing, DC Federal Government), and second, the sales.

This weekend, Anthropologie has 20% off on all dresses, which is a BIG DEAL (sale code is aptly named DRESSCODE). The only problem I have is that deciding whether to use it on a full-priced dress like the Maeve Larkhill Swing Dress...

Or an already-on-sale dress like the

So type in DRESSCODE when you check out, and have a great weekend!

09 October 2015

Friday Finds: The perfect fall wool dress

It's fall and that means breaking out my fall uniform: a wool dress, leggings, and tall boots. This uniform never fails me in fall, and I love that. Anyway, I was totally content with my synthetic wool dresses from T.J.Maxx until I saw this beauty from Stella McCartney.


Isn't is lovely? I adore the flare and the bottom, I love the long sleeves (I have long arms, so appropriately long sleeves are a big thing for me). I can picture it with a white silk collared shirt under it, paired with brown leggings OR black leggings, and it would look lovely with a scarf.

But at over $1000, it's a bit out of my price range, so I rounded up a few alternatives:

Let me know what you think, and happy shopping!

08 October 2015

Lunch boxes for grown ups

Do you have a go-to lunch bag? Or do you just grab a Wal-Mart bag from under your kitchen sink and load it with anything and everything you find in your refrigerator?


The bento box is my favorite for packing and heading to work--it's grown up, but still has sweet compartments so that you feel like eating your lunch isn't just a haphazard experience--it's an organized, carefully thought out moment.

Anyway, here are some lunch boxes and bags that are all grown up and totally appropriate for an office environment (and I couldn't help but throw in some fun ones too).

Happy shopping!

07 October 2015

This is the most I've ever paid for a scarf ... and I don't regret it at all

$45. That's the most I've ever paid for a scarf.

It happened last week when I was on a work trip to New York, and I was completely unprepared for the weather. So I popped out of my hotel one morning and popped into a Lululemon and beelined straight for their Vinyasa Scarf table, and found this beauty. I was totally unconvinced of its usefulness, and frankly annoyed at all of the people in there who were buying like $700 worth of merchandise that I couldn't afford, but I was FREEZING cold, so trudged over to the register and swiped my card despite my bad attitude.


And boy am I glad I did!

Since buying it last week I've worn it five out of seven days, in four different combinations. I've worn it when I'm cold because it's fabulously warm, and I've worn it when I'm warm because it's delightfully stylish. They even put out this cute video about how to wear it.

So if you're on the fence about a $45 scarf that transforms into like 50 different things, I say go for it.

Happy shopping!

06 October 2015

Luxurious leather

Yesterday I wrote about vests, and today I'm sticking with the theme of outerwear to write about... leather!


I have this unbelievably chic leather moto jacket from Gap that I throw on every fall with great excitement. It's a bit cropped--perfect for over a dress for a night out. And it's really really cool without being too informal. I even wear it on my bike sometimes when commuting (because really, isn't that what a leather jacket is made for?).

Here are some leather items that I love for fall. I'm a big fan of pairing leather with softer cottons and scarves so you don't look too "I just went to Florence and bought all of this great leather stuff!". But I digress. Pair them with whatever you want--these will all look fabulous on you.

Happy shopping!