30 November 2015

Sale at Free People

There's a sale on at Free People, left over from the Black Friday weekend, and I thought it was worth mentioning because so many of their most popular full price items are 50% off, with free shipping through the end of today (no special code required).

If you're saturated from shopping over the past weekend, then I guess this post isn't for you, but if you're like me and you can't have too much of a great sale, then my guess is that you're up for more great styles deeply discounted.

Here are a few of my favorites from over on their website--click through on any of these to access the full sale!

Happy shopping!

27 November 2015

Friday Finds: 25% off at Madewell

Since it's Black Friday, sales have been popping up on my feed all day, and I wanted to share with you a great one ... 25% off at Madewell today with the code CALMDOWN.

If you need some shopping guidance, here are a few great options:

Happy shopping!

Friday Finds: 25% off everything today at Anthropologie

Today, and today only, everything at Anthropologie, in stores and online, is 25% off with coupon code SHOPTOIT.

I've already told you that my Black Friday plan is to just sit on the couch in my pajamas and shop online, and I'm so happy that's what I'm doing because in my humble opinion the online deals are just as good as the in-store ones only I don't have to fight with other customers and wait in long lines. It really is the sweet spot.

Anyway, if you're looking for a deal, Anthropologie's got the big one for you! Here are a few items that I'm loving right now.

Happy shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey has been picked clean, the football games have been watched, and now the parking lots at the malls are filling up ... it must be Thanksgiving!

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with family, and while I won't be posting like normal, I wanted to leave you all a note to just say that I'm thankful for you, readers, and looking forward to another year of bloggin'!

Happy shopping!

25 November 2015

Sale at LOFT

I love LOFT for lady boss clothes for any business. But since it's Wednesday of Thanksgiving week here in the US I thought I would mention that LOFT is having a sale, AND it's not too late to grab that outfit for that big eating day tomorrow that will both look fabulous (for those relatives you only see once a year you want to look your best) AND be comfortable. Because, you know, Thanksgiving is also unofficially is the day of overeating.

LOFT has just the ticket for fulfilling both. Here are a few of my fave sale items there, but if you click through any of these links or go to the store itself you'll find an even wider selection!

Happy shopping!

24 November 2015

Sale at Gap Kids

I know, I know, I just talked about Gap yesterday. But combing through the sale department over at Gap I couldn't help but spy all of the adorable kids stuff that's on sale! Now is the time to stock up on wintery pajama sets and sweater vests and jackets -- everything necessary to get through short days and cold nights.


I'm a big fan of shopping online, and my plan for Friday is to sit at home in my pajamas and watch a movie and browse the sale section. Don't judge me if you are one of the die-hards that are going to camp out and get that TV for $1. But if you end up at the mall, Gap Kids might be a really good place to go!

Here are some of my favorites:

Happy shopping!

23 November 2015

Sale at Gap

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, which also means SALES! Every retailer is trying to get a piece of the consumer pie, and I'm totally fine with that because it means prices come down and value goes up.


Gap is no exception--they have stocked their sale section, both online and in stores, I'm assuming to accommodate you and me and all of of the rest of the excited shoppers who can't wait to score a deal.

Here are some of my favorites on sale over at Gap:

Happy shopping!